WhizReport is a state of the art highly configurable smart field reporting mobile cloud solution specifically designed for a business that manages teams of field executives

The solution helps a field executive in functions like sales, support, delivery, marketing to send instant real time updates on meetings & achieve higher number of client visits per day.
WhizReport enables management to get real time view and detailed reports of field activity of executives with respect to customers to make faster data driven decisions.



Whether you are a small team of 2 people or a large organization with many field employees conducting various functions, you can make your organization growth a reality by managing your customers and field employees with a simple to use no upfront cost solution ,WhizReport. WhizReport enables you to DO MORE with LESS with a easily navigable interface and an assortment of valuable analytical data , satisfying organizations needs.



Field Information

Every organization requires different types of field information depending on the nature of the business. Apart from standard capabilities such as customer information, picture, audio, signature, and comments, WhizReport enables you to define as many custom information forms as you need. You can choose one of the many standard forms we provide for various verticals or take one of them as a starting point to modify and create your own. If you need support in creating custom forms our team can help you.


Irrespective of the role field executives have in the field they are always meeting customers.
WhizReport enables members of a team to set meetings from the office or while in the field. They can set meetings a few moments before the meeting, while at the customer's place, or months ahead. This is useful for customers who already been visited by a field executive and recently acquired customers who can easily be added to the WhizReport ecosystem. Your customer base and meeting records are always expanding, and now with WhizReport they are instantly available to your organization, allowing you to make the right decisions quickly.

Events and Notifications

Everyone in today's world knows that information is the most valuable at the instance it is generated. WhizReport provides you with a rich set of events and notifications as your day proceeds. It does not matter if you are in the field or in the office you can decide what instant events and notifications you want generated from your team members. Once you create an account you will be able to see the current list of events and notifications you can subscribe to.

Summary View

While your field employees are working diligently in the field everybody in the organization requires information to help see goals and results. WhizReport provides multiple types of summaries and in-depth information to see where an individual field employee is with respect to location, goals assigned , and results achieved.

This advanced, highly informative view is designed to efficiently display what your field employees are doing with minimal effort on your part.


Analysis of data is one of the largest advantages of using consolidated data. WhizReport provides you with a variety of configurable reports related to your customers, employees, and meetings. With the help of these reports you can see how an organization is performing and plan for the future.

The reports are available on a direct portal or as downloads (PDFs or Excel sheets) for your records and use.


  • Eliminate the need for timely status checks to the field
  • Real-time reports for quick & efficient decision making
  • Full control of data of customers and feedback
  • Visibility in field executives operations
  • Login from anywhere in the world
  • Profitable growth with managed productivity
  • Group devices and assign to individual Manager to manage
  • Increase efficiency of field executive team & streamline field executive process
  • Do more with smaller field executive team
  • Integrate with existing ERP/CRM using REST APIs
  • Quick and seamless mobile data collection eliminates paper reporting and reentry of data
  • Access previous customer information for effective next meeting
  • Solution works offline - where no data connection is available
  • Use any Android mobile/tablet



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